PS3 Programming – Game Demo

This PlayStation 3 game prototype was developed for a University assignment, and was developed using PSGL.

2013_5_18_13_39_52The PlayStation 3 and PSGL assignment involved learning how to:

  • Draw shapes and models to the screen that included data for colours, position vertices, UV texture data, and normal lighting data
  • File reading to read in models, maps for level creation, materials
  • Use of controllers and cameras
  • Materials and textures
  • Collisions

My game prototype features:

  • Collision system allowing for smooth movement along side, and climbing on top of walls
  • Jumping mechanic
  • 2 camera perspectives (and control schemes suitable for each perspective) which can be changed during gameplay
  • Variety of lighting, materials, textures, transparency
  • Randomly placed collectables

Collectibles placed around the square level map.
Once a collectible is collected it will turn slightly transparent.
You can collide, and jump onto the walls surrounding the playing area.
This shows the top down view. Black cube is the player, blue collectibles surrounding, and the brick walls.
Once all collectibles are collected the texture of the environment is changed to show the player they have won.
When the player runs out of time to collect all collectibles.