SkyDancer is a children’s educational game which was developed in partnership with the RSPB, and is published on the RSPB website.

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    Following the game jam (info below), myself and 4 other students formed a new team to develop the game. Taking ideas from the GameJam prototypes, we created a full game with several levels and a variety of mechanics.

  • Unity and C# was used to develop the game
  • Game features menu systems, high scores, variety of game mechanics and levels

For SkyDancer I worked on:

  • Creating the levels and mechanics for the game
  • Implementing improvements and changes from feedback from the RSPB and play-testers during development
  • Menu, UI, and scoring systems
  • Integrating art work and animations into the game

RSPB Children’s Play Section |  SkyDancer on RSPB | Report on SkyDancer’s Release

SkyDancer Web Version | SkyDancer Windows Standalone Version

SkyDancer (Game Jam)

Awarded the “Technical Achievement” for our game jam submission – SkyDancer

SkyDancer was developed for a 3 day GameJam event organised by Northumbria University and the RSPB. Myself and 4 other students developed the game using Unity and C#

SkyDancer 2013-01-14 17-54-08-84
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Along with the other programmers on the team, I worked on:

  • Core mechanics: Flying, Dance Animation, Pickups, Food Pass
    (the passing of food to the other bird)
  • Collisions with pickups and moving ground.
  • Scoring system, score multipliers, and Energy bar
  • Menu system

The event was reported on by The Journal newspaper as seen in this online post: Journal Post

Game info:

  • 3 Day Project ( 74 hours)
  • Unity Web Player version – SkyDancerWeb
  • Windows (stand-alone) Game version – SkyDancerStandAlone
  • Android Version (quick port purely for demo purposes) – SkyDancerAndroid
  • Made in Unity
  • Code written in C# Visual Studio