Project: Snooker Game

This project was created using C++ and a 2D DirectX Game Engine. I started this project soon after learning about circular collisions and velocity in University. The game uses circular collision handling for ball collisions and also on the edges of the tables cushions. It also calculates the resulting velocity after collisions using the balls mass and velocity at point of contact, creating realistic looking ball collisions in the game. This was one of the individual projects I worked on over the summer, read more about that here.

The game follows the standard rules of Snooker meaning points are deducted for fouls, and the correct amount of points are gained for potting certain coloured balls. The game features 2 game modes; the standard 15 red Snooker game, and 6 reds. You can also play 2 player which will follow the standard rules of a Snooker match. The game features a menu system to enter the game which you can interact with using the keyboard and mouse, and pause menu to return back to the main menu, and a mute option to mute all sounds in the game.

Screenshot and demo video of the game:



Download the executable game file along with instructions on how to play here: (if you are using Windows 8, you may need to run the game in Windows 7 compatiblity mode, under properties)

I made blog updates when I was developing the game about changes to the game and new features and functionality. Read the updates here: Snooker Game Updates