FlashForward – 2D Platformer / Shooter

FlashForward is a 2D Platform Shooter game developed using C++ and a DirectX engine.

FlashThe game features:

  • Platforming mechanics, including wall jumping and double jump, and shooting mechanics with a range of weapons.
  • Menu system with a level select screen used to select a certain level.
  • The game’s levels include a range of objects, including platforms, hazardous platforms that will do damage to the player, collectables, enemies, and the exit to go back to the level select screen.
  • The player can gain a higher star rating for a particular level by completing it within the time bonus limit, and gaining points by collecting pickups and defeating enemies. The score and star rating is shown on each levels tile, on the level select screen.
  • Player ammunition is shown at the bottom of the screen, the players health bar is at the top of the screen, and the timer for the points bonus for completing the level within a certain time.

Download the executable game file along with instructions on how to play here: FlashForwardGame.zip