Parallel (Dissertation Project)

bannerParallel is a game which was developed for my University Dissertation project. The game was developed using Unity and C#. The title of the Dissertation project is “Developing Expressive Games and Agents with Personality”. Expressive games are games which allow the player to express their personality, playing style, or creativity. Following research and analysis of this area, and games such as Skyrim, Deus Ex, and GTA, the game Parallel was design and developed. For the second area of the project, game AI techniques were researched to ¬†understand how to create an AI with personality driven behaviour. Games such as Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and Pac-Man were used as inspiration.

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The game features:

  • Adventure mode which features puzzles in the environment for the player to complete
  • Creative mode which allows the player to set¬†the size of the generated world, and gives the player unlimited resource to build and express creativity
  • Mechanics to build and destroy blocks in the environment, allowing the player to build structures, use blocks in order to traverse the environment, and use blocks to complete puzzles
  • Avatar customisation which allows the player to change functional and cosmetic attributes of their avatar
  • Agent mode to spectate on personality driven AI characters. This features several personality types that the player can choose from, which will impact the activities the agent engages in.
    • A* Pathfinding
    • FuzzyStateMachine
    • Needs System
    • A personality model featuring values for traits such as Creativity, Logical, Explorer is used to dictate how quickly the needs of the agent grow. Several needs have been created for the needs based system which allows needs to grow, and then decrease when the agent engages in activity which satisfies the need. A FuzzyStateMachine has been created which utilises the needs of the agent to drive which state is activated. Similar to The Sims, the agent will engage in a state once the need reaches a high point, and then the agent will disengage with the state once the need is lowered. A* Pathfinding is used for the movement of the agent.

Download game:

Parallel Windows Version

Parallel Web Version

Parallel 2015-03-01 18-19-19-50
The player can build and destroy blocks in the world using the hand tool. The player can also collect up to 3 colours to use for building blocks in Adventure mode.
Parallel 2015-03-01 18-30-07-39
By completing puzzles in the environment, the player can gain access to new areas to find other colours to use for blocks.
Parallel 2015-03-01 18-18-17-30
Players can choose from a set of avatars, which change the players functional attributes. The player can choose the colour for the avatar, as well as the blocks in the world.
Parallel 2015-03-01 18-35-27-15
The player has access to the hand tool to build and destroy blocks, the hotspot tool which allows the player to build a block that will regenerate surrounding blocks, and the paint tool which can be used to change the colour of blocks.
Parallel 2015-03-01 18-56-23-19
Creative mode gives the player unlimited use of energy to build blocks in the environment, as well as the ability to choose the 3 colours to be used, and to set the size of the world that is created.
Parallel 2015-05-29 13-25-20-86
Agent selection screen displays the various personality types of the agent.
Parallel 2015-05-29 13-26-01-56
Agent spectate mode. The bottom left shows the needs of the agent which drives activity