2121 – 2D Space Game

2121banner2121 is a 2D Space Game which was developed with 3 other students for a University project. The game was developed using Unity and C#.

I worked on the following areas for the game:

  • Gameplay and Mechanics:
    • Ship movement, thrusters, drone ship
    • Combat mechanics and projectiles
    • Asteroids
  • World Generation
    • Gas cloud, nebula, planet, space station, and star generators
    • World generator to create world of various sizes and scale
    • Parralax effect
  • Upgrade System
    • Ability to buy upgrades for weapons and ships from Vendors
  • Menu and UI
    • Main menu, faction selection, galaxy selection
    • In-game UI (Planets, ship status, active quest, quest log, radar etc)

Gameplay video:

Screenshots of game:

Download 2121 Windows Build